Five Best Ways to Ruin Your Real Estate Deal

Want to ruin a real estate deal? Try these on for size! After 5 years in real estate I have seen (hopefully) the craziest things from people. These are the best of the best ways. 

The best one in my humble opinion is to miss deadlines or constantly be requesting for extensions, sellers typically have a few remedies for this. If you miss a deadline a seller or buyer could decide that the deal is voidable and try to get out of the deal. If you are constantly trying to get extensions they will see this a ploy of some sort and probably only give you one or two chances. 


Of course lying to other parties is not good either. You potentially open yourself up to liability and worsen your negotiating power down the road if you are ever found out.


Number three kind of follows the first one but I find it helpful to mention: don’t forget to setup inspections that are your responsibility. This is a buyer and seller issue. This will cause delays and put you in a poor negotiating position at any point during the transaction.

A failure to disclose is almost guaranteed to ruin the deal you just put together. People are going to find out no matter what. A home inspector will find the knob and tube wiring and the lender will find out if you lied about being employed. It is literally their job….


Finally don’t be stubborn! Be reasonably reasonable. So many times I see people dig their heals in on every issue. They can’t be all be classified as the worst issues so pick and choose your battels accordingly.


-Dylan A. B. Diersen


First Weber, Inc


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