If you have been actively searching for a home for more than 6 months, then something isn't quite right. Now this excludes anyone who is being very, very specific. While I am at it let me define "actively searching". Actively searching means anyone looking at homes in person. Not just online.
Have you identified why you aren't in your new home yet? I am going to take a guess it is one of the following reasons:
  1. You didn't commit to one agent
  2. No loan pre-approval { disregard for those paying cash :) }
  3. Not being realistic about your expectations
  4. Probably the hardest for some: you are low balling sellers
You didn't commit to one agent. This is big because when you work with a single agent they start to work for you. They get to know your needs, wants and particulars. If you have 3 agents all running around you may get to see a lot of properties but not necessarily the right ones. Also, we all work off the same listings (for the most part). In our area there really isn't a benefit to having multiple agents working for you.
Didn't get pre- approved? Why not? A pre-approval tells agents and sellers you are hiring to help you that you are serious and know whats going on. Also, as your Realtor it is our job to get you closed and do it in a positive way. Having a pre-approval increases the odds of a great experience when purchasing. Submitting a pre approval can also put you ahead of the pack when negotiating.
What are your expectations? This one sounds somewhat easy but if your expectations are out of line you will literally spin wheels just hoping to see something. Now if you are looking for something specific and are willing to wait there is a difference there from say wanting 5 acres with a new home for $135,000. At least in our area. Your agent should be realistic with you and upfront about what you want. Another positive quality of a good agent.
"Well... its listed at $250,000. So let's offer $200k. See where that gets us." It probably doesn't get you far. Maybe even a counter offer above list from the seller. I'm not saying that a low ball offer isn't sometimes necessary but if you are consistently putting low ball offers in then you are likely making the process harder for you then it has to be. Typically a buyer should be looking at or below their budget and looking to purchase the best home on budget. It just isn't realistic in our market to be getting offers put together for under 95% of list price.
Do any of these scenarios sound like you? Well it's not your fault. I can helpNo matter where you are, I am happy to schedule a time to help you get on track for your home purchase goals in 2019. Usually it is 45 minutes via phone, in person, or video chat. Reach out, what will it hurt?

-Dylan A. B. Diersen

First Weber, Inc


Dylan has been quoted on by national new outlets and has multiple designations recognized by the National Association of Realtors. Also, he has consistently helped more and more people achieve their real estate goals by increasing service. You can see more blog posts at FoxCitiesProperties.com/blog or keep in touch on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WisconsinRealEstateExpert/