Sure sucks when the Packers aren't in the playoffs. But there is an upside. In Northeast Wisconsin the best time to sell (most properties) is in the spring and summer. I always suggest sellers get a head start and be ready to list as soon as the Pack have had their run. Well... the time is now.


If you are looking at getting any final touches done on your home before listing, pick up the pace. Our market is still very short on listings and the buyers who are searching are very serious. See graph below.


As you look at the graph you can see there are fewer home sales in January, this is actually the number of closings. Check out the number of closings come March/April They aren't the highest but it'ts the start of the peak and that means in January and February we are starting to sell more homes.

I'm sure you are asking yourself: How can I win? The sooner you list the better. With the shortage of listings right now you have a good opportunity to make more cash now than in say two or three months. I have seen sellers loose out on as much as $10k simply because they choose not list early in the year. I get why, but It's my goal to make sellers as much as possible. 


-Dylan A. B. Diersen

First Weber, Inc


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