I know you have seen poor photos… right?! Like the ones you look at and cringe. Who could possibly post photos of something they are selling like that? In fact there are entire websites devoted to such a topic. I see them everywhere when I look at listings. In fact you can find a really good site at BoredPanda or Lighterside.


So that begs the question: what makes good photos truly good?


This is the biggest reason I hire photos out. I am not a professional photographer and I definitely don’t know how to edit them to get quality sale worthy photos. 


The best photographers are looking at the entire house and looking for the money shot; the one or two photos that truly represent the house. To me this is the most important thing. This is because once they get THIS I know the rest of the home will be good.



After that a good photographer will pick up on minor adjustments that need to be made. I have had multiple photographers not notice a broom sitting in an odd spot or a towel on the bathroom floor. It stands out like a sore thumb in the final product. The one that I send to 100’s of websites. The good ones will notice it and move from behind the camera to pull it. 


A lot of times a photographer will shoot from a standard height. Always. This is good and makes photos consistent. That being said occasionally making the decision to move the camera up or down a little bit to get a great photo (see below). Maybe that amazing kitchen or the pool deck would look great from closer to chair height. These are the creative reasons I need a good photographer.



Technology is huge with photos and potential buyers can tell. My photographer as an example now shoots over 24MP and the camera takes 16 photos each time he pushes the shutter button. Not only are the photos the highest quality but it allows to combine a few photos to get the best possible shot. Not to mention the other cool things he can do for us with the extra photos. 


The next items that are really important come down to their systems and timelines of delivery. When we are looking to go live with photos on a Tuesday we need the photos ready on Tuesday morning at the latest. Also not re booking a shoot due to whatever. As a realtor I need to be consistent and able to deliver on my promises. A quality photographer will have systems in place to consistently deliver quality photos and ensure they can meet deadlines. 


If you go looking for a photographer. Feel free to call me as I have at least 2 good ones. If you are out of the area or just don't want my recommendations these are the things you should look for in their body of work.


-Dylan A. B. Diersen

 First Weber, Inc


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